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One Down ….

As 2013 approached, I decided not to make resolutions.  Instead I intended to set small, obtainable goals throughout the year.  These small goals have two purposes:  1) to improve my overall health and 2) to declutter my life so I can be more creative.

I became overwhelmed in 2012.  There were too many distractions from my kid’s activities, outside demands, and an excess of stuff that never made it past the kitchen table.  So I decided to break tasks down into bite sized pieces. I also vowed not to beat myself up over setbacks.

I did not submit my writing to many publishers last year.  This year I want to be very intentional in submitting my writing.  In January, I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  This contest was open from January 14th to 27th for entries and maxed out at 10,0000 entries.  This is a multiple tier contest; the first round being decided on a 300 word pitch.  I had never composed a pitch before.  I’ve known about this contest for three years, but I always missed the deadline.  This year, I was determined to participate.  I uploaded my pitch, an excerpt and the entire manuscript for Blood Adversaries.  As soon as I hit submit, anxiety swept over me.  Doubts ran through my mind.  But a writer has to put her work into the public and have thick enough skin to accept feedback whether positive or negative.  Rejection is definitely a negative.

On February 13th, the selections for entries moving to the second round were announced.  The judges chose 2000 of the original 10,000 entries for the next tier.  I clicked on the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror tab and scrolled through the list.  I prepared for disappoint.  Then I found my name.  I’m still in the running!

Click here for the entire list of entries going on to round two.

It’s a great start to 2013!


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One thought on “One Down ….

  1. Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you!

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