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If at first …..


I’ve always struggled with being disorganized.  As a kid, my room stayed messy.   In college, I had piles of papers on my desk and clothes thrown in the bottom of the closet.  Things got better during the first few years of marriage.  Maybe it was just easier because my husband and I were still in that honeymoon phase so we were making the extra effort.  When the kids came along, it just seemed impossible to keep up with everything.  But I keep trying.

I had a great idea last May.   I had just gotten past one tax season with all the hunting for receipts, cancelled checks, and other documentation.  So I started a notebook with all the monthly expenses I’d need for our taxes.  I even put the documentation in pocket inserts.

I had a plan.  I implemented the new system.  I made a great start.

I have no idea where the notebook is.

Yep, my great organization plan was sabotaged by me.

The notebook is a good idea.  Just because my first attempt at organizing my tax information failed doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try again.  It’s a lesson to remember.  Changing habits doesn’t happen overnight.  Intentional efforts and learning from mistakes are essential.  So I’m about to try again.  Here’s to success in 2013.


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