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Last week was rough, full of more that needed to be done than I could possible complete.  It was also one run by Murphy—Murphy’s Law, that is – where practically everything that could go wrong did.   I didn’t expect much more from Saturday.  I was up against a deadline for company to come over.  I get really stressed over guests.

But something happened.  We cleaned what I wanted to clean and then there was a change in plans.  My son decided that it was such a pretty day that he and his guest were going to the park for a while.  I took advantage of the extra time.  I felt the bug to declutter and attacked my study.

The first thing I tackled was a bucket full of stuff.  As I started to sort through it, I found it was filled with trash – empty cardboard boxes, broken tools, and plastic wrappers.  It was just the easy job I needed to start the process.

Next I picked a box.  I created three piles:  trash, items to shred and items to sort through later.  Most of the box was old bills that could be disposed of.  Soon I grabbed another box with the same results.

I ended up with two large bags of trash and a lot more space in my study.  Enough space for my husband to notice when he came home from work.   And the big bonus – I found my notebook of tax information I had been searching the house for (see last week’s blog).

This weekend provided all the elements I need to feel peace:  the ability to sleep in, getting goals completed, successful decluttering, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing.

Now to take my sense of accomplishment into the rest of the week.



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