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Two steps back and one step forward

Last week the results of round two of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award were announced.   Unfortunately, I did not make it to the third round.  I was disappointed but not surprised.  After all, the contestants were narrowed down from 2000  to 500.  That’s a significant decrease so I was prepared.  And I have a backup plan.

For about a year now, I have been toying with the idea of putting my book out as an e-book for Kindle.   For years I have done research on the publishing process.  I purchased Writer’s Digest Magazine and made notes about how to get your book published.  I flipped though Writer’s Market searching for agents who might be interested in my manuscript.  I have queried over sixty literary agents, some of whom requested to see multiple chapters of my book, without anyone offering to represent me.  There’s a file in my desk full of rejection letters.  I even have an e-mail folder of rejections.  I’ve learned you have to develop thick skin and tenacity to be a writer.

In the last few years, the publishing market place has experienced a shift as more and more authors decide to self publish.  Right now, the costs of self publishing a book are out of my reach.  But I can put my book out as an e-book myself.  Now.

Well, maybe not now.  I have to reformat my book to be Kindle compatible.  That will take me a little while, especially since my time is stretched thin with work and other commitments I’ve made.  But my newest goal is to get my book out and available this year.

There — I’ve put my newest goal in writing.  Now to make it happen.


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One thought on “Two steps back and one step forward

  1. Great goal. Wishing you success!

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