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There are moments when I realize that I’m in a rut.  Right now, I’m in a severe rut.  My creativity is at zero.  Maybe even at a negative.  Which means it’s time for a change.

Usually going on a get-away—a day or a weekend trip—is enough.    As luck would have it, I was scheduled to attend a conference for work on April 18th and 19th.  I got to leave town for a few days and visit Charleston, SC.  I had hoped that it would be enough to recharge my creative battery.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.

What I haven’t done so well is to take care of me.  I’ve known for months now that I’ve been disconnected from one of the things that keeps me grounded, literally.

When I was a child, I loved to walk through the woods.  My favorite thing was to go to the creek below my house and find a spot to sit.  I would watch the water flow, seeing how that gentle but steady stream could move even large debris out of its way.   I noticed the trees, flowers, and moss.  I listened to the creek, the birds, and the animals all around me.  As I sat, my worries lessened and I found peace.  A few years ago, I wrote this poem about my experiences:

The One Within

There are times I have to escape

Leave all the harsh lights and sharp noises behind

And return to my mother

Losing myself in the lush surroundings

That resist all signs of man’s progress


It’s there that I find myself

Beside the stream that flows

Moving on and on regardless of what people say it should do

Knowing a different world exists that has been there for eons

And simply wishes to be left alone, to just be


Then I find it

Like a mystic gathering moss it comes

That little piece of me that shuns the hustle and bustle of everyday life

And connects with my ancestors who knew the land so well


Wind in the treetops

Trinkling swirls of water

The call of birds

Scampering animals yet unseen

The buzz of insects

And the lullaby of frogs

Feed her; strengthen her; allow her to grow

To fill me

So I can face the next challenge that life brings.

I haven’t taken the time to stay connected to nature.  And as a result, I have been in rut. So my current goal is to spend some time each day enjoying nature.  Only then will the healing flow.  And with that healing, the creativity will return.

Here’s a link to Musings of an Opinionated Woman, a blog by Amaryllis Turman — an author and friend who inspires me.


Kitchen Confidential

My kitchen table has been an embarrassing  mountain of unclaimed stuff and miscellaneous paper for months.  It has been on my top list for decluttering.  However whenever I cleaned, I left the table for my last task because I dreaded dealing with it.  I would sort through several days of mail, put bills to be paid in our monthly bill organizer, drop grocery ads into the recycling, and shred junk mail offers.   But there was always more.  Eventually, I would make stacks and shift items from one side of the table to the other, finding obvious items to discard in the process.  Then I would get stuck and stop.   More stuff would get added to the table as new mail was delivered and our automobiles were cleaned.  The table just looked worse than before.

This weekend, my husband stepped up and went through the junk covering our table.  As I worked on the dirty dishes and kitchen counters, he sorted, threw away, organized and — a couple of hours after he began– managed to clean the whole table off.  It looks great.  And I’m very appreciative of all his hard work.

Now our challenge is to be disciplined enough to put things away daily to keep the table clean.

Like everything else in my life, (1) it is a work in progress and (2) I can’t do it alone.  To stay clutter free is going to take a team effort from the whole family.  Let’s see if we are up to the challenge.

Last week I shared a link for the website of a writer and artist who inspired me.  This week, I’d like to introduce you to another of my inspirations — author and creativity coach Cassie Premo Steele.

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