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Creative Collaboration

I’m working on a favorite project.  Last year, I was one of the coordinators for a collaboration of the local writers guild and artists guild.  The result was the exhibit “Mirror Images:  Art to Words | Words to Art”.  Nine local writers and artists were paired for a total of 18 participants.  The writers gave a inspiration piece to the artist who created an original artwork in response.  The artist did the same for the writer who then created a new poem or one page narrative.  The results were spectacular.  So we are repeating the exhibit this year.  The underlying theme for the exhibit — creativity sparks creativity.

We have many repeat participants this year and a few new ones.  As a coordinator, I get to pair the artist and writer.  The rule this year was that participants can’t have the same partner as last year.  The reason is simple:  part of the collaboration is to stretch ourselves in our craft.

As a writer it is easy to get into a rut — the same storylines, the same type of characters, the same themes.   “Mirror Images” challenges both the writer and artist to find inspiration in something new.  Even when the artist and writer have different styles.  In the end, the lesson is that our work doesn’t always come from sudden inspiration.  It truly is a craft that needs to be practiced and honed.  Once we start looking around us, we find the things we need for inspiration whether that be from nature, current events, grief or other creative souls.


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