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Seize the Day

Today is a rare day in South Carolina – a snow day!

It started yesterday around 4:00pm while I was still at work.  Small flakes of white whirled almost invisible in the day.  The evidence was the layer of white that coated the vehicles in the parking lot.  By the time we walked out, the snow was steadily falling.  I relished the crisp air and clean smell that accompanies the snow.  I lifted my face to let the snow kiss my cheeks and nose.   We see so little snow in South Carolina that the smallest amount brings a frenzy of electric anticipation.

For the next few hours the flakes continued to come down.  But there was a lot of melting on the paved roads.  With low overnight temperatures, freezing was inevitable which led to mass closings today due to icy road conditions.

Here was another rare treat — an unexpected day at home to do what I wanted.  I’ve been editing a manuscript that I had put to the side may months ago.  I have a deadline in place to finish the manuscript for a submission.  Interestingly enough, I’ve found that deadlines spur my creativity.

Another creativity boost happened today.  I got to take a leisurely stroll through the snow blanketed woods.  I love a walk in the woods anytime, but especially when they are coated in snow.  Instantly, I go back to my childhood and look at my surroundings with wonder.  As I do so, story ideas run through my head and I feel energized.

Days like today are gifts, a break from the normal routine that reminds me of those things I truly enjoy and why I write.

So here’s to you – hoping you find your creative gems!

Snow Barn

Our barn — not yesterday’s snow but a favorite memory.

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