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Winter Weather Alert

The normally temperate Upstate South Carolina was hit with freezing rain yesterday.  Icicles grew outside of our windows.  With the dark came the icing of trees.  Roads were salted earlier in the day and remained quite drivable.  Our issue is the exposed power lines that run throughout the county.  Ice weighs down tree limbs and power lines causing breaks and outages.  We’ve been lucky.  So far our power has remained on.  That’s so important for those of us who use well water — no power means no water.

Only a week ago, the daffodils has begun to pop through the earth and bloom.  Pretty yellow flowers announcing the approach of spring.  Now they lay frozen on the ground.


Sometime during the night, a huge Oak tree fell beside our driveway.


The trees were encased in ice.

FullSizeRender (3)


FullSizeRender (4)



FullSizeRender (2)

As I walked outside, I heard the drip of the ice melting followed by the trickle of ice hitting ice as it fell to the ground.  Ice is heavy, weighing down the tree limbs.  Limbs bend and give at least to a certain point.  I heard the popping of wood as the weight reached the tipping point and the wood began to give.  Then there was the splitting of limb from tree as it came crashing down to to the earth with a resounding boom.

Ice is beautiful but destructive.  This little bit of frozen water can tear away limbs and even uproot the mighty Oak.  That is the balance of nature.



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