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The Advocate

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  I am honored that one of my poems was used today to celebrate the work of the on-call volunteers at Beyond Abuse who respond to sexual assault victims.

The Advocate

I don’t know your name
you told me, I’m sure
but I can’t recall most
of what was said that night

I wouldn’t recognize you
if I passed you on the street
your face is a blur
a distorted memory

Except for your eyes
kind, brown eyes looking at me
in my despair
seeing me and not flinching

I hear your voice
gentle and caring
a contrast to the mechanical hum
of fluorescent lights and medical devices

I feel the warmth of your hand
grasping mine, never letting go
despite how hard I squeeze

You stayed when I needed you to stay
left when I needed to be alone
checked on me to let me know
someone was still there for me

For me
not because you had to be
not to take a report
not to perform a test
but because I might need

Kind eyes to comfort
a gentle voice to console
a warm hand to hold
an advocate in a cold exam room

So now, years later
those are the things I remember
and embrace
not the evil someone did to me
but the compassion you gave to me –
a stranger in need


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