cosmic chaos

cultivating calm & creativity in my corner of the world

About Me

My name is Charlotte Ehney.

I am a wife, mother, Program Director with a non-profit agency, writer, volunteer and aspiring artist living in Upstate South Carolina.  I have written two novels.

Blood Adversaries is available in print and as a Kindle Edition on



Family Vows is also available in print and as a Kindle Edition on



It can be quite a struggle to balance work, family, writing and life. Often I feel cluttered with excesses — stuff that seems to multiple around my house and activities that consume my time– preventing me from being my best.  I’m sharing my experiences in seeking moments of calm, success and creativity in the mists of my chaotic life.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    You have a nice, sincere voice – and a welcoming photo. =) You should see this desk I’m typing from!! (A confession, not a boast.) That is cool how you drew inspiration and motivation from the writing group. I write on all the stuff of womanhood: everything inside and outside mothering, and on writing. Good meeting you and keep on!

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