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Everyone needs a get-a-way to relax and regroup.  My husband and I took a quick trip to the South Carolina Lowcountry.

I love the beach any time of the year but there is something special about going during the off season.  The beach during winter offers peace and solitude.


View from the balcony — Isle of Palms

A walk on the beach led to some amazing finds.


There is a sense of awe being in the presence of the Angel Oak on John’s Island.  This tree is thought to be about 500 years old, although some people believe it is older.  The Angel Oak is registered with the Live Oak Society.


Angel Tree – John’s Island

The highlight our our trip?  Visiting Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island which pays homage to Poe’s brief stay in the area while enlisted in the Army.  The tavern is full of Poe memorabilia.  Can’t wait to go back!

Sand and surf, ancient oaks and Edgar Allan Poe — does it get any better?!!


Hello 2015

January — the month of new beginnings.

For years now, my family has gone to Sullivan’s Island (SC) on January 1st to celebrate the new year with the Dunleavy’s Polar Bear Plunge.


A couple thousand people attend the event, some as plungers and some as observers. I have been the latter, holding towels and dry clothes as my husband and sons have taken the plunge. When asked about running in with them, the answer was “One day.”

Well, January 1, 2015 was the day.  For some reason, everything just clicked and in the ocean I went.  It was a wonderful day and a great beginning to 2015.

I belong to a knitting group (even though I am a beginner-level crocheter, they let me join) that meets about once a month.  These women have taught me so much about living life fully.  We are at different stages with a variety of life experiences, which has helped us form a close, supportive group.

During our January get-together, the knitting circle created vision boards.  We picked out images and words for what we wanted in 2015.  Here’s my board.

Vision b

Then on January 11th, I achieved a much anticipated goal.

When I was in college, I saw the band Concrete Blonde in concert.  From that moment on, Concrete Blonde was my favorite band.  I’ve listened to their albums hundreds of time.  The band has gone their separate ways, but lead singer Johnette Napolitano is touring.  Her set list includes songs from Concrete Blonde as well as from her solo career.  Johnette has been my muse for years.  As I write, her music often plays in the background.

On January 11th, Johnette played at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia – a venue a few hours away.  I got tickets to the show for my Christmas present.  Finally, I was going to hear Johnette Napolitano sing in person again.

My husband and I arrived in Decatur early enough to walk around.  We found an interesting store …..



…. full of eclectic art work featuring lots of goats and other farm animals as well as unique gift items.  We stopped for coffee, where I got a “new” name.

starbuck cup


Then it was on to Eddie’s Attic.  I posed under the “Playing Tonight” sign.



I thought this was as close as I’d ever be to my ideal.  On entering the venue, I found a seat about nine feet away from the stage.  Opening act Laurie Sargent was great!  Then Johnette Napolitano walked directly in front of me as she made her way to the stage.  It ended up that I had the best seat in the house for the performance.  The show was AMAZING!

After the show, I got to meet Laurie Sargent in person.

Laurie Sargent

It was an incredible evening.

It has been a wonderful start to 2015 full of family, friends, fun and fulfilling goals.  I having a feeling that this is going to be a fabulous year.

Refresh Part II

I’ve been having wanderlust lately.  A few weeks ago, I was able to take an overnight trip to Hendersonville, NC.  It’s great to get away to another state but sometimes that’s just not possible.  So today, my husband I took a break to explore an area closer to home.

I love being near water.  The beach is my favorite destination.  Waterfalls are a close second.  For a long time, I’ve wanted to go to Horseshoe Falls, a part of Musgrove Mill State Historic Site.  Today, we were finally able to pack a picnic lunch, grab our dog and go.

Horseshoe Falls is about a ten foot high cascade located along the Enoree River.

photo (18)


The river was low so it was an easy wade to the falls.

photo (16)


It was wonderful to just sit on the falls and feel the energy from water as it flowed over the rocks.


photo (12)


The most amazing part was that we had the area to ourselves for about a half hour.


Horseshoe Falls is a beautiful, well maintained, dog friendly area.  We had a great time.  But I think we wore our dog out.


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